Hi, everyone!
So I just started a new page on the blog that is a collection of all of my favorite products that can be purchased from Amazon!

If you're anything like me, you will first search for everything you need EVER on Amazon.com before setting foot in  a physical store.
Why is that???
Is it the two-day free shipping that just makes me feel like I'm winning?
Is it the purchase-in-one-step feature?

I don't know all of the reasons why, but I love Amazon, and I want you to love it too (if you don't already)!

So this little round up is just a list of my current Amazon Faves.
You can find all of these items under the "My Amazon Faves" tab on the blog.
You can click on the pictures of the items that you like, and you will be to be taken directly to the pages on Amazon where you can purchase the items.

I will keep updating the "My Amazon Faves" page as I make new purchases, and I'll try to do a round up like this every so often. 

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!



Amazon Round Up - Vol. 1

 Y’ALL. I was ecstatic when I found out that Cupshe items were available on Amazon Prime!

A few months ago, I ordered some swimsuits from the Cupshe website. I have found their swimsuits to be so adorable, true to size, and surprisingly good quality for the low price!

However, after purchasing, I read so many reviews about Cupshe having horrible customer service.

Some customers never even received their items and some went through nightmarish return processes. As I was planning on returning one of the swimsuits I bought, this didn’t bode well for me. 

I ended up just selling the unwanted swimsuit on Poshmark simply because I didn’t want to fool with a stressful return process. 


I was a little frustrated that I had missed this memo!

Amazon Prime is lit-rally the greatest invention ever.

Two-day, free shipping and EASY, FREE RETURNS??? Yes please!

Moral of this story: Buy this swimsuit. And buy it from Amazon. 

2. Shark Vacuum Cleaner 

Are you officially old when you get excited about a vacuum cleaner? If so, I’m old and proud because this vacuum changed my life.

We adopted a new puppy back in November.
So cute.
So snuggly.
And then spring rolled around, and it’s like she was molting.
Experts simply said she was "losing her winter coat,” but this was unreal.
There was dog hair everywhere!

At the time, I had a crappy little vacuum cleaner (sorry to whoever gave that to us as a wedding gift!), and it just wasn’t getting the job done.

Enter the Shark Navigator Life-Away Professional Vacuum Cleaner (angel choir in background). This thing is a God send if you have animals…or especially hairy husbands.

It came with a few attachments, all of which are so handy. It swivels, it works great on hardwood and carpet, and it’s a breeze to empty out the canister.

It is worth every penny.

These are so in this season, and this one is budget friendly! It’s in my Amazon cart!

How fun?! And only $9.99?? I’ll take one of each!

 These little guys are just so cute! I don’t have one, but I think they would make a great gift!
*hint hint, Husband!*

I just bought some of this the other day after seeing it in this hair drying tutorial from The Small Things blog.
So far, so good!
My hair is stick straight and doesn’t have a lot of natural volume. I have noticed a difference after using this stuff.
Plus, it smells amazing!

For the furry friend in your life.
Luna loves these squeaky donuts! Unfortunately, she’s a bit destructive, so we’ve already gone through three of these.
But at $7 a pop, we haven’t broken the bank!

I bought this for our friends’ daughter’s 2nd birthday back in February. She is definitely a girly girl and loves playing with make up (and usually gets it all over the place). This Little Cosmetics play make up, however, is just pretend and is mess free!

Also, if you’re worried about your little one being exposed to the questionable chemicals that are, no doubt, in all of the cheap play make up, BUT you also don’t want them playing in your nice, expensive, grown up make up, this kit is a great option!

The birthday girl’s parents texted me the other day and let me know that she is still loving this play make up set, and they are loving that she doesn’t look like The Joker!

I purchased this for my family’s Dirty Santa party this past Christmas! I always buy a gift for Drity Santa that I wouldn't mind coming back home with just in case all of the other options suck! :D

My cousin ended up with this, and it looks so good in her home! There are 4 other colors to choose from.
Maybe I need one too….