Remember when I told you that, “Cookeville is a small town, but we do have an Old Navy, and I practically live in their clothes”?

Well, I wasn’t joking.

I went to Old Navy last weekend and almost screamed in the store when I discovered that they now have a line of jeggings with an elastic waistband (cue angel choir). If they’ve actually been around a lot longer, and I am JUST now finding out about them (plausible theory since I am always the last one to find out something good), I have been MISSING OUT!

In the last few years, I’ve made a pretty solid effort to never wear pants that have a button and zipper.

Elastic all the way!!!

What can I say?
I like to be comfortable.
And not hate my life if I eat too much.
So sue me.

So, if you’re anything like me, you have also jumped on the elastic waistband bandwagon, but you still love the way a good structured pair of skinny jeans looks.

What to do???

I’ll tell you! March on over to Old Navy and buy these jeggings!

They come in a variety of styles. The black distressed pair is ADORABLE and has fringe detail at the ankle!

To me, this takes things to another level.

A lot of times, I'll avoid wearing leggings if my shirt isn’t long enough because I just feel so exposed. But for some reason, pockets erase all of my fears and make me feel like there’s another layer of safety between my booty and everyone’s eyes.

And these jeggings are structured. They aren’t your average cotton legging with a fake denim print. Therefore, you don’t get that awkward camel toe inner thigh bunching.

Thank goodness.

All around, these were a win for me! I wore them this past weekend (twice), and they were just as comfortable as I expected. I will probably never be caught in real jeans again.

Let me know what you think of these jeggings in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: Prior to this distressed jegging encounter, my favorite skinny jeans were the Legging Jeans from Gap Factory. I still LOVE these jeans and may still be seen wearing them when attending an event where I don’t plan on eating. :)



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