Soooooo, yesterday it was in the 60s and so sunny outside, and this morning I woke up to snow on the ground.

Y tho?

I did not see this coming.

Anyway, since I've had to break them out again today, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you one of my greatest purchases…maybe ever.

 I bought these Athleta Polartec Power Stretch tights back in January, and I’ve barely worn anything else since then. Since I’m a southern girl, I don’t handle cold temps very well. I mean, I turn my heated seats on in the car if it’s 50 degrees. #extra

These tights are FLEECE LINED (praise hands). Need I say more? They are obviously perfect for cold weather running/hiking/outdoor sports. However, I’m lazy I prefer to wear them as “everyday” leggings or curled up on the couch with my Luna Bug. 

Athleta can seem a bit pricey, but the quality of their items is so so good! They have all sorts of performance wear, and they have swim suits and casual clothes as well. All of their products last forever! I still have a running vest that I bought from Athleta almost 10 years ago. You should definitely check it out!

Also, I’ve linked the other items or items that are very similar to the ones that I’m wearing in this photo. I’m a fitness instructor, and I’m still wearing the clothes I wore when I taught my class this morning. Oopsie!

My shoes are Adidas and are sooooo comfy! The insole is a memory foam material. They can be found at a lot of different retail stores including Rack Room Shoes and Kohl’s just to name a few. They also come in several colors including a pretty maroon and my favorite, pink!
My lavender top is from Old Navy (surprise surprise), and it’s a workout staple for me. This keyhole back performance top is brought out every season in different colors! I have 3 of my own. 

And finally, my jacket was actually a birthday gift from my sister. The brand is 90 Degree by Reflex, and it came from TJ Maxx (another Godsend for Cookeville). I have linked a similar item from Athleta!

During these last few weeks of cold weather, try out those fleece lined leggings, and let me know what you think!


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