Hi, friends!

It's my Dad's birthday, and he turns the big 6-0 today!
He also just retired from a career in dentistry back in February.

I am so impressed by all of his hard work, and I’m so thankful that now he gets to spend all of his time relaxing, doing the things he wants to do, and being a Grandpa to my new baby niece
(and, of course, to Luna 😊).

Dad fills his post-retirement schedule with Father-Daughter lunch dates.
We are not mad about it.

This big milestone birthday of his got me thinking about all of the awesome gifts that can be found on Amazon!

Today’s post is just a compilation of some of my favorite Amazon gift ideas for Dads.
And, with Father's Day coming up, this guide will help you stay ahead of the game!

Also, I plan on getting a Gift Guide for Moms on the blog soon too, so stay tuned. 

1. Selfie Stick
My dad LOVES a good selfie. He sends me several each week. I bought him this selfie stick as a retirement gift, and hopefully it will take his selfie game to the next level. 

Dad likes to travel, and with a bag like this, he'll be all set for those spur of the moment weekend getaways he loves!

*Real Life Moment*
Abby in college, calls Dad: "Hey, Dad. Can I come over and borrow something?"
Dad: "Oh...Mom and I are in St. Louis"
Abby: 😐

This cologne is a refreshing scent that isn't overpowering.
Nothing says, "I love you" to your old man like ensuring he doesn't stink.

4. Vest
A great item for this unpredictable spring weather.

My dad is a coffee enthusiast. He loves this coffee maker because it is also a bean grinder! Nothing like fresh ground coffee in the morning. Mmmm :)
And for the dad on the go, perhaps a single serve Keurig would be better!

6. Amazon Echo or Echo Dot
Alexa is my dad's new bff. I'm not kidding. He's obsessed. He especially loves the Jeopardy Game feature. 

For the Grill Master Dad.

Can't get any more true.

I thought this was hysterical.
And my dad would probably think so too.
That's the only reason it's on this list.

My parents live in a very safe neighborhood, but my Dad still found it necessary to install this Ring Video Doorbell.
He loves getting notifications on his phone and seeing who's at the door (it's usually just a neighbor in the street walking their dog 😂).
He's even been known to move it to the backyard to see what his dogs are doing while he's not home!

My husband bought this for his Dad this past Christmas, and it was a hit!

12. Kindle
The perfect gift for avid readers! 

Let me know if you try any of these Amazon products.
And, feel free to send me other gift ideas in the comments below!