Sooooo, I had yet another yard sale this past weekend.
I have one every few years or so just to clear out excess junk and clutter that I've let build up.
Also, since I tend to shop with the trends and go overboard buy new things each season, I have a bunch of gently used clothes that I simply don't wear anymore. I try to go through my closet every so often, and if I haven't worn an item in a year, into the Yard Sale box it goes!

Yard Sales can be a lot of work, but they are secretly so much fun!
You meet some interesting people, some of whom will come to your sale each time you have one. And, if you play your cards right, in one weekend, you can make a decent amount of extra cash! 

So without further ado, here are some of my tips on how to have a successful yard sale. They are just little tidbits of good info that I've gleaned over the years. 
As always, feel free to share any tips of your own in the comments section below!

Abbylish's Tips & Tricks : Yard Sales

1. Have your yard sale with a friend (or 2)

I always helped my mom with yard sales when I lived at home, and I still have yard sales with her at her house.
Her house is in a great location in town and in a cul-de-sac which makes parking a breeze.
She also has a two door garage that is big enough to fit most of our items. So, even it rains, the sale can still go on. 
This past weekend, my mom and I also joined forces with a friend.
Having a group yard sale allows for more selection for your customers and more help for you. It can be hectic trying to answer everyone's questions, make transactions, and keep everything organized all by yourself. 
Just be sure that if you do have a sale with a friend, you price each person's items with different colored stickers or some other identifying label to be sure that you get the credit for what you sold!

2. Advertise!

My mom always puts an ad in the local newspaper about our yard sale. This may seem old fashioned, and it does cost money, BUT IT WORKS!
Yard Sale People are crazy, y'all.
Some of them check the newspaper each week for all of the upcoming yard sales and literally go to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF 'EM. 
They just love it! 
If you're opposed to paying for an ad, post about your sale on Facebook, especially in any local "Buy, Sell, Trade" groups that you may be in. 
Be sure to include highlights of what you're selling, and put your big ticket items high on the list.
(My mom sold an oven at our last yard sale and included it in her newspaper ad. It sold first thing, but several people showed up throughout the weekend on the hunt for that oven)

3. Price your items a little high

Remember when I said Yard Sale People were crazy? 
I wasn't kidding.
They will bargain with you until you're so annoyed that you almost pay them just to take your item and go away. 😂
I'm could have something priced for 5 cents and SOMEONE will inevitably ask you if you'll take 4 cents. 
I really don't get it sometimes because I feel like my items are marked at a price that I consider dirt cheap. But, that's just the nature of yard sales, I guess.
So, I always price my items a little high with the expectation that people are going to haggle me.

*Side Note*
I have found that in a small town like Cookeville, most clothing items won't sell for anything higher than $10 at a yard sale, no matter the condition of the item or the brand. 
So for my more expensive items that I know could bring in some good money, I list those on my Poshmark account. 
If you don't use Poshmark already, you should definitely check it out. It's a lot like eBay, but Poshmark works out all of the shipping costs for you, and they have excellent customer service. Poshmark keeps a percentage of your payment (like a consignment store), but signing up is free, and the entire shipping process is so easy!
You can check out my Poshmark closet here or search for abby_lucius in the Poshmark app!

4. Set up your sale for success!

Categorize your items (women's clothes, men's clothes, home goods, etc), and keep them separated and easy to see!

Consider styling your items as well.
For example, if you're selling some dishes, set them out in a pretty tablescape to draw buyer's eyes to them.
Got a mannequin lying around? Dress it in some of the clothes and accessories that you're selling. If you show buyers how an entire outfit would look, you may just sell the whole thing!
(I don't have a mannequin, but this is always something I've wanted to try. You could always just showcase an outfit on hangers as well. And, if it sells, just make another one!)

Have plenty of tables set up so that you don't have to pile up or crowd your items.
If you have a clothes rack available, definitely use that to hang your clothing items so that your table space will be available for the things you can't hang.
If you don't have a clothing rack, you could always run a pole through the rungs of 2 ladders and hang clothes on that. Just be sure it's sturdy and secure!
Also with the 2 ladders, you could place boards through the rungs and use that like a bookshelf to display items.

Place your big ticket items out front so that they are the first thing people see.

Attach earrings, necklaces, etc. to index cards, or put them in small ziplock bags. This helps keep these items from getting separated or lost, and the price can be written right on the card/bag. 

Have plastic or paper grocery bags available at check out so customers can easily carry all of their great finds.

5. Most importantly, don't stress!

Don't take your yard sale too seriously.
We usually have our yard sales for only 2 days and for maybe 4-5 hours each day.
You don't have to wear yourself out or spend your entire weekend running  your sale.
Determine your time limit, commit to it, and have fun!
Enjoy meeting new (sometimes crazy) people and earning a little extra cash! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found these tips helpful.
Let me know how you make your yard sales successful in the comments section below!


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