What did we do before Amazon?
It is one of the greatest inventions of the modern world.
The only negative to it is the dirty looks that I get from my mail lady when she has to get out of the car every day to leave an Amazon box on my porch.
Can't stop won't stop!

This $40 bag is one of the best Amazon purchases I've ever made!

Keep scrolling to see what I'm currently crushing on at Amazon!

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1. Minesiry Tassel Swimsuit

I've seen other bloggers try out this dupe, and it seems to be worth it.
I can't believe this is only $10!

2. Yoome Bracelet Bag
Such a cool look and at a fraction of the cost of similar designer styles!

3. Sara Z Pom Pom Flip Flops
How cute are these?!
Dear Lord, please don't let the pom pom trend ever die.

4. Cluse Pink Leather Watch

In love with the color of this watch!
Insert "rose gold / blush" into the prayer above.

5. Romwe Tassel Dress

I've never bought anything from the Romwe website.
I'm sure it's probably fine, but I'm always a little hesitant to purchase things from international websites.
Lucky for me, there is a ton of Romwe stuff available on Amazon!
The prices are still SO CHEAP!
I've seen mixed reviews on the quality of some of the items, but with Amazon Prime's free shipping and returns, you can easily send an item back if it's not working for you.
This dress is adorable, and I plan to try it out soon!

6. Brooks Revel
Bought these shoes to wear at work, and they have been a game changer!
They are well worth the high price tag.
After running around the hospital on a 12 hour shift, my feet still feel great when I head home. Buying them on Amazon is great as well because free, 2 day shipping duh.
And, if you get the wrong size, returns are a breeze!
*For reference: I suggest going up a half size.*

7. Watermelon Crossbody

This bag! I can't.
It's just too cute and perfect for summer!

8. Beach Read

Beatriz Williams is one of my favorite authors.
She writes captivating historical fiction, and many of her books are linked together by the same characters.
They're perfect beach reads that you can't put down.
The Summer Wives is her newest one, and I can't wait to read it!
Contact me if you'd like to know which books of hers are my favorites.

As always, in the comments section below, let me know what your Amazon Faves are and if you try any of mine!
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