Y'all...I'm a FIRM believer in the idea that if you look good, you'll do good.
It's a simple fact that when you feel confident in the way you look, you also feel like you can crush all of your goals.

Your goals in the gym (or wherever you workout) are no exception to this rule! If you put on fun and sexy workout clothes, chances are you're gonna kill it during your workout.
Isn't it great that we've incorporated fashion into fitness these days?
Long gone are the days of working out in hole-y sweats and your old t-shirts. More and more adorable workout clothes are being designed, and athlesiure wear is now a real life thing.
And let me just tell y'all, I'm riding that train as far as it will go.
So, when I got the idea to do a fitness faves post, I was almost overwhelmed by all of the items that I wanted to showcase. However, after much lamenting, I was able it narrow it down a bit.

Here are my current fashion faves.
These are items that I own and love or items that I want to purchase soon.
Hope you enjoy!


Old Navy Medium Support Racerback

I have several of these. They're simple and functional and are my go-to medium impact sport bras. I also love that they come up high so you aren't fighting the girls during your workout.

Carbon 38 Frill Seeker

If it's got ruffles, I'm interested.

Athleta Trophy Seamless Bralette

This would be a great option for those who like to wear their bras like a top but also don't want to show too much. And, everything from Athleta is such great quality!

Rebound Racer Bra

Back when I was running everyday, this was the only bra I would run in. It really keeps things secure if you know what I mean. It also comes in regular bra sizes, so you can be sure you'll have a great fit!

5. Joy Lab Scalloped Bra

I already have the Joy Lab Scalloped Leggings, and they're so cute!


Athleta Swagger Skort

Who says you can't work hard and still look like a lady??

Carbon 38 Frill Seeker

Refer to #2 above

Old Navy High-Rise Compression Leggings

Anything high waisted has my name all over it. Nothing worse than worrying that you're crack attacking everyone while you're powering through those mountain climbers.

White Nike Tempo shorts

Maybe these are "old fashioned", but in my running days, I loved these shorts. They're still a great option for when it's too warm to wear leggings but you're not quite into spandex shorts (I'm raising my hand here).

Forever 21 Palm Leaf Leggings

Pants that remind me of the beach. Yes, please!


Old Navy Keyhole Tank

I have this tank in a few different colors. I love that it's not skin tight, and the key hole detail makes it fun and shows off your pretty bras!

2. Athleta Foothill Tee

Relaxed fit with cute mesh cutout detail and available in 5 colors. This top is also made out of unstinkable, odor-controlling fabric!

3. Graphic Tank

Everyone needs a comically honest graphic tank (or 5) just to keep things real at the gym.

4. Tek Gear Tulip Hem Top

Throw this on after your workout, and head to lunch with your girlfriends. I won't tell if you get pizza instead of a salad. :)

Reebok Dynamic Tank

I also have this tank in a few colors. It took me forever to find a link to it because it's not on the Reebok website. I've actually gotten all of mine from TJ Maxx. It's a little more form fitting but also not skin tight.

*Side Note: All of these top options don't have a shelf bra inside. I personally hate shelf bras in my workout tops because I feel like they don't ever fit right. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you prefer tops with built-in bras and which ones are your favorites!


Adidas Cloud Foam QT Racer
These shoes are so comfy! The insides are a memory foam material, and the shoe overall is light and airy. Like a...cloud...some would say. #seewhatIdidthere

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz

I haven't tried this shoe or options 3 and 4, so I can't really tell you that they're great.
I've simply included them on this list because they're adorable. End of story.

3. Nike Flex Contact

4. Adidas Edge Lux

5. Brooks Revel

I do, however, own a pair of these shoes and they are AMAZE BALLS!
I actually bought them for work (I'm a surgical RN and work 12 hour shifts), and they have changed my world. Prior to buying these, my feet would hurt so bad that I was practically hobbling out to my car after my shift. But, since I've been wearing these, my feet have been feeling so much better! I'm thinking about buying these for my next pair of running shoes as well.

Let me know what you think about my fitness favorites and what yours are in the comments section below!


*I receive a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

However, I simply promote the brands and products that I love, and all opinions are my own.*