This dress is one of my favorite Amazon purchases!
Y'all know how I feel about Amazon.
I could go on for days about my undying affection for this wonderful company.
But, instead, I'll just show you what Amazon Products I'm currently crushing on.
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Leather Crossbody

This bag is so chic!
Nobody will believe it came from Amazon!

I love statement earrings, and Amazon has such a wide variety of options that are so on trend right now!
They also have countless designer dupes.
And, you can't beat those cheap prices!

My frist Romwe/Amazon purchase was a smashing success!
I bought this dress, and I have received so many compliments on it. 
Did I mention that it's SO comfy, versatile, and under $20?
Hoping that this one lives up to the expectation!

I'm loving these David Yurman dupes!
I've purchased a cable cuff style already, but I can't wait to add this one to the collection. 

How. Cute.
This would make a great gift for someone like my dad who still has all of his old records or even for my cousin who enjoys buying vinyls of current artists!

Pool Days are upon us, and no matter your drink of choice, it's gotta be cold when you're sippin' and sunnin' poolside. 
Not to mention you'll look adorable with these brightly colored tumblers in hand!

This skirt is so cute, and it's under $20!

What a fun little way to store all of those selfies and look back on all the memories you have of your own faces.

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