Hey, everyone!
My husband and I recently traveled to Memphis for a weekend getaway with a group of our friends from Nashville.

When we lived in Nashville, our Bible class at church was called the Bridges Group. It was mostly made up of young couples who were just getting out of college, getting married, or starting families (bridging from college to adulthood, get it?!).
We love that group of friends, and we were so sad to move away from them.
But, luckily, Nashville is not far away at all, and we still try to get together with them when we can.
Like on the Bridges Summer Getaway!

Like I said, this year we went to Memphis.
So, if you're interested in ever traveling there yourself, here's a recap of our trip!

What We Did

This Memphis Zoo really is impressive as far as zoos go. It can be a great all day event and is a perfect place to visit if you have kids. However, I wouldn't necessarily recommend going in the peak of summer like we did. It was a scorcher the day we went, and the animals really weren't very active.

We stopped by Sun Records after going to the zoo even though it wasn't on our itinerary. It is so neat to see where a bunch of big name artists like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash got their start. The history is so rich, and you can feel it!

We headed to The Peabody Hotel at 5:00 pm to see the Ducks make their way out of the fountain. I was shocked at how many people were there. Many people looked like they had been there for a while enjoying the live music and drinks. The actual event of the ducks getting out of the fountain wasn't as amazing as I was expecting (especially after the announcer hyped us all up for 15 minutes before hand 😂), but it was still a fun thing to be a part of. Again, if you have children, this would be a fun memory to make with them.

We ended our first day by visiting the Memphis Pyramid which is now a Bass Pro Shop?? Most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Apparently, the Pyramid used to be an events venue. Concerts were held there as well as Memphis Grizzlies games for a while. But, now it's the most outrageous Bass Pro you've ever seen as well as a hotel: the Big Cypress Lodge. For $10, you can take an elevator ride to the top of the pyramid and take a walk on the outdoor observation deck. Oh, and there's a fudge shop and bowling alley in there too. Like I said...bizarre.

Our second day in Memphis, we hit up the National Civil Right Museum after breakfast. The museum recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, and they're hard work shows. The museum is extensive and full of information. If you read everything in the museum, you could easily stay all day. But, if reading isn't your thing, you can move through the museum at a faster pace and still see and learn so much. At $16 a ticket, you truly get your money's worth. Also, the museum is expanded out of what was the Lorraine Motel: the motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. It was truly moving to see where Dr. King spent his final hours and consider the legacy he left for all.

After the Civil Rights Museum, we went to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. The King was noted for his gaudy fashion sense and ever changing home decor, so his house is definitely a sight to see even if you're not an Elvis fan. While you wait for your home tour time, Graceland also offers many exhibits where you can view Elvis's famous jumpsuits, gold records, cars, and more. There's also a few restaurants and a gift shop. Graceland tickets are pricey, but I'd go again.

Where We Ate
7. Central BBQ

We rolled into town for a late dinner at Rendezvous: a family owned establishment where our waiter boasted that he was Justin Timberlake's "right hand man." I'm not the best person to review barbecue because, to be honest, barbecue doesn't do much for me. I usually enjoy it when I eat it, but I rarely crave it. Rendesvous wasn't the best BBQ I've ever had, but the experience was fun.

We polished off our dinner with a late night trip to Gibson's Donuts. They were selling 6 donuts for $1.00! I'm assuming they were doing that because they make their donuts fresh each day and wanted to get rid of that day's donuts before the next morning. I went with a red velvet flavor (hello, cream cheese frosting), and it was delish!

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at The Liquor Store (side note: I never spell liquor right on the first try). Y'all. This little diner was too cute! The decor was very minimalist with Palm Beach flair. I was in love. The food was also amazing with a menu ranging from southern classics to vegan plates. My husband got the biscuits and gravy. The gravy was actually a shiitake mushroom gravy (vegan). He hates mushrooms, but he loved this gravy! Tasted just like the "real deal!"

After a long day at the zoo, we stumbled into The Second Line in a hunger daze. We were just looking for anything to consume at that point. Luckily, this adorable old-home-turned-restaurant was there for us! Giving off a New Orleans vibe, the menu here is made up mostly of Po'Boys. I chose the Johnny Snack, a ham and cheese po'boy with beef gravy. MMM, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

We were going to go to Hog & Hominy for dinner that night but showed up to a 2 hour wait! So, word to the wise, make reservations. We ended up going to Broadway Pizza, and let's just say I don't really recommend it.
Moving on!

We had breakfast on our last day at Sunrise Memphis which had a very southern diner feel and is home to a variety of hearty breakfast dishes and local coffee brews. It was just what we needed to fuel up for a long day ahead.

Before leaving town, we had to hit up Central BBQ. Consistently ranked #1 in Memphis since 2005, Central BBQ is a fast paced little hole in the wall that churns out big flavor. Thanks to a local girl's recommendation, I ordered the BBQ nachos but had them put the bbq on house chips instead of tortilla chips.

What I Still Want to Do
We hit Memphis pretty hard, but there are still a few things that we didn't do. I'm sure I'll go back sometime in the future so here's what's still on my bucket list.

1. Sun Records Tour
2. Beale Street
3. Grizzlies Game

We stopped by Sun Records, but we didn't take the formal tour. Next time, I'll be sure to take the tour because I love all that old music history.
That's why I'd like to see more of Beale Street too.
Even though the Grizzlies may not be doing so hot right now, I still enjoy going to ball games especially a home town game.

All in all, we had a great weekend exploring another city in our home state and spending time with good friends. 
Have you been to Memphis? 
What were your favorite things to do and places to eat there?
Let me know in the comments section below!