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If you've been following me for longer than 5 seconds, you know I'm obsessed with a pair of camo jeans I recently purchased from Old Navy. 
Every time camo comes back around (side note: did it every really leave?), I immediately jump on the bandwagon.

***I had a pair of camo shorts in high school that I loved, and several people (my husband included) made fun of me when looking back at old pictures of me wearing said shorts.
Well, who's laughing now, losers??**

ANYWAY, I haven't necessarily styled them the way Cady Heron did in Mean Girls (#armypantsandflipflops), but I have created quite a few looks with them. 
Here are some of my faves:

1. Dressed UP
Who says camo can't be classy?
Whether your camo piece is a pair of pants, top, or dress, accessorize it with scrappy sandals and your prettiest jewelry, and you've got a fun date night outfit! 

2. Sporty Spice

For a more casual and sporty look, throw on your favorite sneakers with a camo dress.
Or, pair your camo pants/shorts/skirt with a fun graphic tee. 

3. Chambray

Just remember, kids, you can never go wrong with a chambray shirt. 
It will go with almost pants included!

4. Pink (preferably on a Wednesday obvi)
Pink and green just go so well together.
Pink would look good with the gray or tan camo prints as well.
I just think the femininity of the pink adds balance to the harsher pattern of the camo.
Be subtle with your pink by adding a pair of slides, or go more bold by pairing your camo bottoms with a chunky pink sweater.

However you decide to style the camo pieces in your wardrobe, have fun!
Maybe avoid going into the woods while wearing them, tho.


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