A couple of weeks ago, five of my girlfriends and I traveled to Nashville for the weekend to go to the Taylor Swift concert! We had such a good time, so I wanted to share with you a little bit about how the weekend went!
Keep scrolling to see what went down.

What I Wore

I had lofty blogger goals for this weekend that, ultimately, I didn't achieve. 
I thought this could be my first big getaway that I really document and showcase all my amazing looks and all the awesome things we did. 
However, I've come to find out that trips like that are actually more like work, and this girls' weekend was anything but.
Upon arriving to Nashville, the girl time was just too much fun, so I spent most of my weekend enjoying the company of my fiends.
On another note, I knew it was going to be HOT, and I didn't really have any new summer clothes to share, so I didn't plan ahead any killer outfits. 

These are still the looks I shared from the weekend.
They were legit the outfits I was wearing those days.
This is about as #realstagram as you can get! 😂

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Where We Stayed

We stayed in the most ah-dorable AirBnb on the south side of Nashville.
That's an older area of Nashville, so the neighborhoods are a little run down, but I never felt unsafe.
The house was quaint with minimalistic decor, and it suited our needs perfectly.
We loved it!

What We Did

Like I said before, if the main goal of this trip had been to showcase all of the amazing things you could do in Nashville, we would have been up at the crack of dawn each day and would have packed as many things into each day as we could.
Instead, we actually spent a lot of time in our AirBnb just catching up, but we did go out on the town both nights we were there.

On our first night there, we got dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Nashville. It's near the river and has a great rooftop bar. We got there at the perfect time and snagged a table on the roof. We got some appetizers and drinks there and then moved on to Luke Bryan's new place, Luke's 32 Bridge. This place just recently opened in the heart of Broadway. The waitress we talked with told us  that the venue had 6 floors and 8 bars (including one of Downtown Nashville's biggest rooftop bars). There are also 2 restaurants.
Each level had something a little different from a live country music band on the first floor to a two-floor DJ dance party upstairs. There was so much to see and do just in this one building!

On Saturday, our main focus was the concert. Unfortunately, there were about 4 or 5 other events taking place in Downtown Nashville that night, so Broadway was bumpin'!
We got downtown around 4:30 and everywhere was so slammed.
We ended up ducking into a random bar on 2nd Ave called Famous Saloon.
I had never heard of this place, but it was actually pretty cool. I wish we had had a little more time (and space) to hang out there and check out the (you guessed it!) rooftop bar.
We were able to get dinner and drinks there while a live band played, and then we made the trek across the pedestrian bridge to Nissan Stadium for the concert.

**Side Note: I had never been to Nissan Stadium, so I assumed we'd be able to Uber close to the doors. No such luck. I definitely should have worn more comfortable shoes, or at least brought a pair with me. The stadium also had strict rules about bags you were allowed to carry (see here) and not taking drinks between levels.

The concert was INCREDIBLE!! If you ever get a chance to see T. Swift in concert, DO IT!
We had an absolute blast, and I only wish I had my Fitbit on because, let me tell you, I was gettin' it. I'm talking like 2 hour Zumba class gettin' it.
After the concert, all 50,000 of us in the stadium, traipsed back across the bridge and slowly trickled into all the different bars, restaurants, and venues downtown.
My girlfriends and I wandered into FGL House (which is especially comical because I really can't stand Florida Georgia Line...sorry about it). It's yet another multi-level bar/restaurant/live music venue that boasts the largest...wait for it....rooftop bar!
However, we didn't stay long because, honestly, our feet were killing us and we were pooped.
After taking the most expensive Uber ride of our lives (remember when I said that Broadway was bumpin'?!), we made it back to our AirBnb, took a quick trip to White Castle, and then called it a night.

The next morning we hit up Cracker Barrel where we had about 65 plates total on the table (#oldtimersbreakfast) before heading home.

One of Many Rooftops that Weekend
Being Our Most Extra Selves...

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but we were so glad to finally get together and see our girl, Taylor! We had been looking forward to this trip for so long, and it definitely did not disappoint. 

I know I didn't recommend or review much, but let me know if you try any of the places that we went to, and tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!


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