If you're like me, you planned your Christmas card early, bought your outfit back in the fall, scheduled the photoshoot before Thanksgiving, and already have all 200 of your cards stamped and in the mail. 

Yeahhhhh....if you're one of those people, Christmas blessings to you.

Normal people Greg and I are taking some pictures for our Christmas card this Sunday with our sweet, sweet photographer friends! I wish they were giving me unlimited wardrobe changes (are you reading this, Zach?) so I could wear some version of all the above outfits. But, alas, I'll settle on one look (with lots of accessories) this weekend. 😊

So, if you really are like me and want to take a fun family picture for your Christmas card, there's still plenty of time and so many directions you can go with your outfits. Here's four that I think are great options!

"Winter Wonderland"

A great way to warm up some white jeans this holiday season is by pairing a Christmas tree green sweater with them! This look is easy and casual yet festive and glam!

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"Let it Snow"

I should have called this look "Lumberjack Barbie!" Throw on all your plaid and winter gear, and take a fun Christmas picture in the snow or at a Christmas tree farm!

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"Holly Jolly Christmas"

Who says you have to freeze while taking outdoor photos? Make your outwear the focal point with a great red coat, plaid scarf, or fun hat. The photos will look great and you won't be wind chapped after taking them! 😂

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"Santa Baby"

This outfit combo is just so festive! Not only is it so pretty for pictures, but it would be a great choice for any holiday parties you may have coming up. 

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Are you sending out a Christmas card this year? What are you wearing in your picture?
Which one of these outfits is your favorite?

Answer all of these questions in the comments section below, and have a very merry Christmas!


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