I've had my eye out for some affordable sock booties ever since the Nordstrom Sale back in September! I wasn't willing to drop $100 on a pair of shoes that I wasn't even sure how to wear. 😂 Lucky for me (and you), I snagged a pair of sock boots from Payless for $40, and I began the styling process. I love discovering new ways to wear all the items in my closet. That's what makes fashion so fun, in my opinion!

Sock booties are a major trend right now. I suspect that in 10 years or so, we will look back and say, "what were we thinking?!" But for now, I'm going to wear them with pride because they really are a statement, and they add some edge to almost any outfit. That being said, they can be a bit tricky to style. Here's three ways that I've worn them recently:

1. Paired with a short, fitted skirt

So, this outfit is obviously in the business casual vein, but you could take an everyday spin on it but pairing your sock boots with a short, fitted denim skirt, faux leather skirt, plaid mini skirt, etc. 

2. Paired with an oversized sweater dress

Sock boots are fitted to your legs, so balance out that look by wearing something oversized on top. This look can also be achieved with a swing dress, or even a calf length flowy skirt/dress.

3. Paired with boyfriend jeans

I'm going to be honest: pairing sock boots with any type of pants is the hardest for me to figure out. I see so many girls rocking their sock boots with relaxed, boyfriend jeans and even skinny jeans, but I don't feel like I can personally replicate those looks very well. 
I think sock booties with boyfriend jeans looks so edgy, so I'll be working on perfecting that look. ;)

To summarize, style your sock boots in ways that make you feel comfortable and confident. There's not right or wrong way! I prefer to wear mine with skirts and dresses, but I'll be on the lookout for the perfect pair of pants to wear with them.

Do you have a pair of sock booties? What's your favorite way to wear them?
Let me know in the comments!
Happy styling!


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