2019 is here, and many people have already starting creating laundry lists of  New Year's resolutions, goals, and aspirations.
I like getting a fresh start and setting some goals each new year, but New Year's resolutions are a little funny aren't they?

Like how after gorging yourself for a straight month like the Christmas glutton that you are, you vow to lose 50 pounds in the new year.  I've taught group fitness classes since college, and I can't tell you how many new faces I see in my classes in January and then never see again after spring break. 
Or, I remember one year making a New Year's resolution to stop cussing. Hell if I know why that one didn't stick. 😂
Once, when I was about 12, I resolved to stop drinking soda every day, and that one I've pretty much stayed true to. However, I do still enjoy the occasional Coke product, and it's not like I'm the picture of health.  In my adult life, I've just swapped out sodas for coffee and wine. #balance

I guess I just find New Year's Resolutions funny because we usually start out being so excited about them! We are fired up and ready to crush our goals, but a lot of them (at least for me) are a little too lofty. And it's not because of anybody else, but because we hold ourselves to these ridiculously high standards. I'm not saying this to talk you out of your dreams, but rather, to encourage you. If you're like me and tend to fall off of your resolution band wagon pretty early in the new year, maybe consider scaling back this year and listing resolutions that you know you'll keep (or try to keep..nobody's perfect.)

Here's my resolutions for 2019:
So I actually just have one resolution. But, it's multi-faceted. 

Practice more self love.

This is a little general, but that's the point. No specific number, weight, or timeline to hold myself to, but rather a mindset to try to stay in each and every day. I am notorious for adding too many things to my plate and then stressing out way too much about them. Do you know how many hobbies I've had that have turned into chores?? This year, I'm going to try to remember that there is nothing wrong with saying "NO" (of course, saying it kindly is usually a good idea).

And then to take it one step further, this year I'm going to try to avoid giving myself a guilt trip after saying no to something. It's good sometimes to get out of your comfort zone and do some things you don't necessarily like doing (example: helping your bff move), but there is no reason to feel guilty for saying "no" to someone or something if what you're being asked to do is just not going to work for you, your family, your schedule, your whatever!

While we're on the topic of guilt, I'm going to try to stop guilting myself for being "lazy." This aspect of the resolution is something I really struggle with. I was recently listening to The Joy Junkie podcast (hilarious...but best not to listen with kids in the car), and she discussed how so many of us will, say, "veg out" one Saturday binge watching Netflix and then feel so guilty about it!


Here's an example: I try to workout everyday that I'm off work (only 4 days a week) because there's NO CHANCE I'm working out before or after a 12 hour shift. But, if something comes up on one of my off days (or worse, I choose to "be lazy" and take a nap or get lunch with a friend) and therefore can't fit a workout in, I fret about it forever! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy exercising and consider that to be self love as well, but breaking away from a routine to do things that will ultimately bring you peace and joy is not the end of the world. The Joy Junkie argues that binge watching a new series, taking a Sunday afternoon nap, putting off cleaning the house because you can't put your book down is not lazy.  You know what's lazy? Binge watching a Netflix series...every day of your life...and never going to work...or taking care of your kids.
That's lazy.

I guess the point of this resolution is to remind myself that there is so much more to life than the crazy routines I hold myself to. I love a good schedule...I really need it sometimes, but life is too short to adhere to it to the point that I miss out on amazing experiences and relationships.

So whether it's the trip of a lifetime or just a lunch with friends that I haven't seen in a while, I'm going to choose to do more of those things this year instead of living a cookie cutter life. If I gain a few extra pounds this year, have paw prints on my floors, and never become a full time blogger, but if I have made amazing memories, cultivated relationships, created more inner peace, I'll consider 2019 to be a success.

Whatever "self love" means to you, I encourage you to do more of it this year!
And, if you're stumped on how to start, here's a few ideas that work for me:

10 Ways to Show Some Self Love

1. Take a walk with someone you love.
2. Retail Therapy (it's real)
3. Lay out in the sun (with sunscreen) reading a good book.
4. Get your nails done.
5. Stop at Starbucks while out running errands.
6. Skip cooking, and go out to eat with friends. On a week night. *gasp*
7. Call your bestie just to catch up.
8. Have a glass of wine with dinner on the couch
9. Start a prayer journal and go back periodically to see how God has answered your prayers.
10. Go on a small, weekend getaway. 

Thanks so much for reading! Posts like this are always a little out of my comfort zone. Did this resonate with you? What New Years resolutions are you making this year and why? How do you show yourself love?
Let me know in the comments below.


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