Step 1: Reflect back on warmer times. 

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Winter?

Same, girl. Same.

Fun Fact: Even when I was in pre-school, my mom told me that I would start to lose all steam around February. 

Me at age 3: I don't wanna go to school today!
Mom: I don't understand. You're going to color for 5 hours.
Me: It's just too much. I'm over it. I physically can't. 

Unfortunately, I was like that all through my school years. It seemed like Spring Break could never get to me soon enough. The bad news is, in adult world, you don't necessarily get a spring break (or a Christmas break or a summer break, or any break, but I digress). So, I've had to come up with ways to fight the Winter Blues all while still being a semi functioning member of society. 

Remember when I said I loved lists??
Here's a list of 10 ways to dominate this winter season.

1. Paint your nails. 

I would tell you to go with fun, bright colors, but I love neutrals too much. I would be lying if I said I wasn't wearing black nails all winter. You just do you. 

2. Grab coffee or brunch with a friend.

But (and this is key), make sure you both have plenty of time to really sit down and enjoy it. Don't just cram it in between 7 meetings/practices/classes. 

3. Have a movie night.

Put an air mattress in your living room floor, pile it up with pillows and blankets, make popcorn, and watch a new movie on Netflix.
Or Mean Girls

4. Put on self tanner.

This is not a joke. 
I know it smells a little funky, but I've started applying fake bake pretty regularly this year, and I'm a changed woman. It gives you a little extra glow, and I don't know about you, but I feel a little more confident when I know I don't look like a washed out vamp. 
Here's my favorite.
Side Note: Avoid the tanning bed, ladies! Please! As your nurse friend, I'm begging you. 

5. Start a project. 

I'm in that stage of life where I have all of this old, hand-me-down furniture because I'm too poor to buy my own. Good thing that shabby-chic farmhouse look is still in right now.
God bless you, Joanna Gaines.
Anyway, I have painted so many pieces of old furniture, and what better time to do those projects than in the winter! 
*The paint I use requires no sanding and basically no skill 😂 and has hardly any fumes, so I paint indoors.*
Maybe painting furniture isn't your idea of fun, but find out what is, and go for it this winter!
Last winter, I remember spending a few weeks perfecting a small "gallery wall" in my hallway. 

6. Make a new recipe. 

You know that recipe you saw on Pinterest 6 months ago, but you haven't made yet because you haven't found the time / it looks too hard / it's totally unhealthy??
You're already cooped up in the house, so try it and see what happens.

7. Declutter

There is something so freeing about decluttering. I personally love purging from time to time. However, I tend to get so carried away that I start looking for something months later only to realize that I sold it or donated it. 😬
A word to the wise: decluttering can be a bit overwhelming if you take on too much at one time. I suggest starting with just one room, or heck, even one closet, one DRAWER.
Throw away junk, sell or donate gently used items, and enjoy the feeling of your newly cleared space.

8. Detox

Whatever this means to you, do it!
Take a social media break, join a new workout class, do a cleanse (I like this one), take a candlelight bath.
Show your self some love and boost your mood in the process. 

9. Plan a Getaway

Even if it's just a quick weekend trip to a place within driving distance, a little Winter getaway helps brighten up the post holiday slump you might find yourself in.
Don't have the money to getaway right now?
Invite some friends who live out of town to come stay with you!
Spend the weekend catching up and relaxing with people you love.

10. Go on a Romantic Date

Make a dinner reservation, get dressed up, put on make up, do your hair, leave your phones at home.
Who knows where this could lead.... 😉

Do you ever feel down in the dumps in the Winter?
How do you fight the winter blues?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you experience some winter melancholy like I do, I hope you can implement these tips and experience some relief!

And, if not, only 4 months till Summer!


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