February is such a weird month. In TN, we experienced 60 degree temps last week and this thing called "sunshine," so naturally I been browsing swimsuits and sandals as if that's a perfectly normal thing to do.

And yet, I am lightyears away from my "summer bod" (I'm beginning to think my summer body is like a unicorn...I may never actually see it), and it dropped back down to the 30s this weekend, so I also keep wearing the heck out of all things loungewear.

I am who I am. 

So, in honor of weird Feb, here's a weird round up of all the things currently on my wish list. If Spr-inter is a confusing season to you as well, keep scrolling. This month's round up may be of use to you. 


 - I tried on both the striped dress and wrap top in store, and both are so very flattering! 

- This pink field jacket is just too cute! I have an army green one that I've had for years and LOVE. A pink one would add such a fun touch of femininity to any outfit!

 - The short winter boots are Koolaburra by UGG. Still a little pricey but a fraction of the cost of real UGGs.

 - I HAVE to buy that graphic tee. I use the phrase "livin' the dream" embarrassingly often usually in response to when someone asks how I am. The most comical thing, however, is that I seem to use that phrase the most at work where I am, in fact, def not living the dream. LOL. 

 - Nyx Butter Glosses were recommended to me by beauty blogger and new friend, Shelbey Wilson, HERSELF! So obvi, whatever she says is Bible. Best part is these glosses are only $5!

 - Snakeskin is really in right now, and I've been on the hunt for a calf length skirt so I can finally conquer my midi fears. Win-Win with this $35 baby!

- I have these pink sneakers in black, and it took all the self restraint I had (not much) to not get the pink ones as well. I sized up a half size. 

How you enjoyed my February wishlist!
Thanks for reading!


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However, I simply promote the brands and products that I love, and all opinions are my own.*