Has anybody else noticed that a lot of my blog posts seem to be in list form? And in multiples of 5?? 😂 What can I say...I'm a creature of habit, and 5 has always been my lucky number. 

Regardless, the following 5 items are truly things that I use on the reg. I couldn't narrow it down to 4, and I absolutely couldn't think of a 6th one. So, without further ado, the 5 things I can't live without are:

1. Steamer

My sister bought me a mini steamer for Christmas, and my life has never been better. I H.A.T.E. ironing. Like why is that even a thing? It's embarrassing, but when I iron, I usually end up with some sort of burn injury and a still wrinkled garment at the end of it all. 
This little steamer is a game changer! It heats up quickly and truly gets the wrinkles out of things right before your eyes. It's perfect for traveling too. Oh, and it's cheap. Score!

Soooooo I'm clearly on my phone a lot. Between "The Gram," taking photos, editing photos, and *ahem* online shopping, ya girl can run down an iPhone battery FAST. This little portable charger, or rather external battery, has saved my butt on so many occasions. It takes a while to actually charge up the battery, but once it's charged, it will last you several days! Best money I've spent in a while. 

My cousin taught my how to curl my hair in college, and my life was changed. How many times have I rocked 3rd day curls with half a can of dry shampoo in my hair? The limit does not exist. 
My mom bought me a Chi curling iron from TJ Maxx several years ago, and I still use it to this day. Not sure if mine is still on the market, but it rocks, and I'm sure the rest of their products are just as high quality. 
I also know that Hot Tools is a great brand to try as well. 

I'm sort of new to the self tanner game. I've always loved being tan, and in years past, I've definitely spent too much time in the sun trying to achieve the perfect glow. In an effort to take better care of my skin and still look fierce, I've jumped on the fake bake band wagon this year, and I ain't getting off anytime soon!
Unfortunately, I have a history of sensitive skin. Throughout my life, the weirdest things have set my skin off (yet, I could roll around in a bed of Poison Ivy and nothing would happen...now tell me how that makes sense), and sadly, I've had some bad luck with certain self tanners.
I'm still trying out different brands, but so far this Skinerals Self Tanner has been working for both my skin and my budget. I use these mitts to apply the tanner, and I use these glow pads on my face!

5. Wristlet Wallet

Throwback to the OG Abbylish days!

My evolution of purse carrying is a bit strange. In high school, it wasn't cool to carry backpacks, so I carried ginormous purses that contained my whole life. Flash forward to college where EVERYBODY carried a backpack. I traded in my oversized purses for a Northface backpack (like I was using it for all my hiking trips on the weekends) and a small wallet on my key ring to hold my Student I.D., chapstick, and the few dollar bills I had to my name.
Ever since then, I've always kind of enjoyed having some sort of a wristlet option, so that I could carry all my essentials with me relatively easily on the days when I'm not wanting to carry a purse.
This Target wristlet has been my jam over the last few years. Now that I have all this adult crap a few more things to tote around on a daily basis, this wallet is a lifesaver. It has lots of organization and room for everything (including the Dr. Pepper chapstick that I'll never outgrow). The pattern I have is a few years old and no longer available, but they keep coming out with new patterns in the same style each season. And, best of all: it's under $20!

Do you have some everyday essentials that you just can't live without?
Let me know in the comments!


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