I read a statistic one time that most people change careers 5-7 times in their lifetime. Careers, not jobs. When I read that, I think I was in college, painfully slaving away working diligently towards a nursing degree, and I thought, "there is no way I would ever do anything else after working so hard to become a nurse. I will die in scrubs with syringes in hand." LOLOL 21 year old me was so dumb. 

Now that I've been a nurse for 5 years, I could confidently say that I would walk away from the nursing profession as a whole if given the right opportunity. I do enjoy my job (for the most part). Surgery interests me, and I consider myself good at my job. But, (a.) it doesn't define who I am, (b.) hospital drama and politics get old really quick, and (c.) I can honestly just see myself doing a lot of different things.

For the majority of my young adulthood, I was so set on nursing, and just healthcare in general, that I didn't even consider any other career paths. I briefly thought about exercise science in college, but ultimately decided I could still be involved in the health and wellness realm while practicing as a nurse. I'm a certified group fitness instructor, and I do enjoy teaching different fitness classes.
Here are a few other things I wish I had considered in the past (and that I'm honestly still considering now).

1. Dental Hygiene
My Dad just retired from Dentistry a few years ago, so I feel like I'm well versed in the profession. Let me tell you...dental hygiene is where it's at. Around these parts, hygienists make great money, and their schedules can't be beat. Most dentist's offices are only open 4 days a week from 7am-4pm and are closed on all holidays, weekends, and school breaks. Oh, and there's no call, and hygienists generally aren't worried about their patient croaking in the chair.

2. Marketing / PR
Since starting my blog, I'm really regretting never considering learning more about marketing and PR. I think I would be good at it, and the knowledge would be so helpful!

3. Aesthetician
There's an aesthetician who I've seen for years, and honestly she's the only reason why I would ever consider this career. She's so sweet and gives the best facials. Her work environment seems so peaceful and zen. However, I can't stand watching Dr. Pimple Popper, so maybe this wouldn't be a great choice for me...

4. Interior Design
Again, another thing that was never on my radar 10 years ago but something I really enjoy doing and would love to learn more about.

5. Country Music Star

I also know of a few careers/jobs that I could never do.

1. Teacher
I just can't. I'm not very patient when it comes to teaching. I've always been one of those people who would rather just do something myself than watch someone else struggle to get it right. Plus, I would absolutely lose it on those little shits certain children who like to push teachers' buttons and probably end up fired or in jail.
*I would only consider teaching for the clothes. Teachers have the best outfits.

2. Nail Technician
As a nurse, I can handle some pretty gross stuff. But, there is just something about grody feet that sends me right over the edge. When I was in nursing school, we had to provide foot care at the homeless shelter in Nashville, and I almost quit. Y'all it was like the scene from Dumb & Dumber when they have to break out the saws on their toenails. I clipped this guy's nasty toenail and it flew off and hit me in the forehead. 😐 I've been traumatized ever since.

3. Farmer
There's no way I could raise animals for slaughter. Don't get me wrong, I eat meat. And I'm thankful for farmers, but I couldn't do it myself. I'd name all the animals and get too attached.

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From a clothing perspective, I majorly failed with my career choice. Scrubs are comfy and all, but they are so. boring. I truly get sad sometimes thinking about all the clothes I could be wearing on the three days that I'm trapped in the hospital. 😂 I've always been so impressed by "business casual" style, and I kind of like the challenge of stying outfits that are both business appropriate and fashionable.

Up until now, I've steered away from sharing workwear on abbylish.com because I felt like I wasn't the best person to recommend it. However, I started thinking that while I might not personally wear a lot of business clothes, many of y'all do! So I thought I could still share some of the workwear that I like (and live vicariously through you all when you wear it!).

I've created a new Workwear Tab on the blog full of pieces that will appropriate for the office. I'll be updating it as I find new pieces, so check back often. Like everything else I share on abbylish.com, my goal for this page is to share workwear pieces that are functional, fashionable, and most importantly, affordable!

Click here to check out what I've found so far!


What do you do for work? Have you ever considered doing something else? What's your dream job??
Let me know in the comments section below!


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