Fall is fast approaching, and while I'm sad to see Summer go, I have to admit I'm ready for cooler temps, cozy layers, and ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! 
I've been eyeing all the new fall trends that are slowly making their way into stores, and I'm seeing a few trends in particular that I think will be really hot (or should I say cool lololol) this fall!

Keep scrolling to check out four trends that I think will be pretty big this year.

1. Wide Leg Jeans
So, I actually haven't bought a pair of wide leg jeans myself yet, but that's only because they're ALWAYS SOLD OUT! These pants are wildly popular right now, and I can't wait to get my hands on  some. They will look so cute paired with a pair of mules and a cozy sweater. Sign me up!

2. Animal Print
It appears as if leopard print and snakeskin are here to stay! Not that I was really worried. Leopard has been a staple in my closet for years, but I'm getting more into the snakeskin trend this fall. There are ways to pull off both prints in a subtle, classic way and without looking like you're going on a safari. 

3. Warm Tones
If you follow me on Insta, you know I recently overcame my fear of mustard yellow, and it's perfect timing because these warm rich tones (golden yellow, burnt orange, olive green, chocolate brown) are all the rage. These colors literally look like fall, and the best part is they pair well with so many colors: denims of all washes, black, white, oh...and leopard. 

4. Plaid
This is the trend I have the most difficulty with. As a third party observer, I LOVE plaid, and I can appreciate how others pull it off effortlessly. However, I struggle with how to style plaid. I usually end up feeling really dated and not trend. But I'm working on it! I think your best bet is to just pair your plaid piece with something super classic. Think plaid blazer, black skinny jeans, white tee, loafers. Simple, sleek, chic. 

Are there any other trends you've been noticing that you're excited about?
Let me know what you think of these four trends in the comments section below.
Happy Fall, Y'all! 😊


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