Buying gifts for the women in my life has always been the easiest and most enjoyable for me. I just pick things that I either have and love or that I would love to receive as a gift myself. Another trick is if I see something throughout the year that reminds me of a friend or loved one, I buy it on the spot and save it for the holidays (sometimes I can't wait, thougt, and give it to them right giving is definitely one of my top love languages). 

Below are some great gift ideas I've rounded up for your moms, sisters, grandmas, best girlfriends and gal pals. I also have an entire tab on the blog dedicated to gift ideas for the ladies in your life. Feel free to share it with your boyfriends and husbands. 😉

What's one of the best gifts you've ever given or received?
Let me know in the comments section below. 
Happy Holidays!


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