If you're a parent you probably already know what your children want for Christmas. If your kids are anything like I was growing up, they've already got a Christmas list a mile long (written in red and green gel pen). 
But, on the other hand, if you're also like me in that you don't have any kids of your own, buying gifts for the children in your life can be tricky. I, for one, want to be the "cool aunt" and get them everything their heart desires, but I know most parents don't want a house full of CRAP after the holiday season. And, I'm generally out of touch with what the kids are into these days as far as pop culture, so buying 18 different Frozen castles for them doesn't appeal to me. I generally try to stick with something that both the kids and the parents will appreciate.

Below are just a few gift ideas for the younger children in your life. I gravitate towards feminine gifts because 1. I like girls more (can I say that out loud?) and 2. there's simply more girls in my family, so sorry if this gift guide doesn't balance out super well. 

1. Light Up Scooter - Because this generation of children needs to know what being chopped in the ankles by one of these bad boys feels like. / 2. Baby Scarf / 3. Baby Shark Towel Set / 4. Record Player / 5. Plush Dog - There's a lookalike for so many breeds! / 6. Throw Throw Burrito Game / 7. Baby Pea Coat / 8. Pretend Make Up Kit - Gifted this to a friend's little girl and got major brownie points! She loved it! / 9. Plush Robe for Girls / 10. Macaroon Bath Bombs / 11. Construction Dress Up Outfit / 12. Baby Hunter Boots / 13. Retro View Finder / 14. Cash Register

A few more tips if you're still struggling to come up with something:
 1. Books seem boring, but lots of parents like when their kids get something other than toys.
2. For those awkward pre-teen years, a gift card never killed anybody.
3. Things that are mess free get you gold stars with the parents (so if you don't like the parents get the messiest thing you can find!).
4. I've straight up given a Walmart gift card as a gift to an infant before because let's be honest, the baby isn't going to remember getting a gift, and the parents truly need things like diapers, formula, and more sleep. 

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