Christmas may be coming, but it's also graduation time for many people out there! I've had a few people ask me for gift ideas for nurses in the past. All the new graduates that will be hitting hospitals soon, not to mention the holiday season, got me thinking about some of the things that I consider nurse necessities! Each one of these items would make a great gift for a nurse (or any healthcare professional) in your life, and I guarantee it won't just collect dust! 

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Personalized Water Bottle - Because sometimes I'll go an entire 12 hour shift without a single drop of water. 😳
Inspirational Bracelet - Inspirational, but honest. The characteristics of a great nurse.
Donut Compression Sleeves - Compression sleeves or socks will change. your. life. Wear them always, and thank me later. 
Monogrammed Sweatshirt - For the units that are freezing.  
Yeti Tumbler - Sometimes you only get to drink your coffee in spurts. Best to have a mug that keeps it warm for HOURS.
Nurse Humor Socks - For when the mood on the floor needs to be lightened. 
Healing Hand Lotion - Nothing worse than dry hands, especially in the winter. Hand lotions are always appreciated by nurses. 
Syringe Earrings & Pill Earrings - Scrubs are comfy, but they are BORING, and you gotta spice them up however you can!
Bandaid Badge Reel & Chill Pill Badge Reel - Again with the scrub spicing.
Set of Compression Socks - You can never have too many! 
Witty Wine Glass - Because we all have THOSE days. 
Ink Pens here & here - Quality pens are a luxury and must be treated as such. Consider gifting a label maker as well so the pens can't be stolen! 😂
Lunch Tote Set - The bigger the better. You never know how long you're going to be at a the hospital, and you don't want to get stuck there without a snack!
Scrub Jacket - A friend hand stitched my name on a scrub jacket when I graduated nursing school, and I still wear that jacket every week! 💗

For those of you shopping for a new or experienced nurse in your life, I hope this gives a little insight!

Nurses and health care friends, what are some things you can't live without at work? What are some of the best gifts you've ever received? Let me know in the comments section below!


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