I've always had such dreams of attending a fancy New Year's Eve soirée, but alas, I never really have. Most of my NYE's past have either been spent at a casual event with friends or better yet, in my pajamas on the couch (which honestly sounds like the best way to celebrate amirite?). 

So no matter what your plans are this year, I've rounded up 4 looks that will hopefully inspire an outfit for however you're ringing in the new decade! 

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Last year, we went to a 90s cover band concert in Nashville and then had breakfast at Monell's after midnight. The year before that, Greg and I got in the worst fight we've ever been in 😂 (story for another day), and the year before THAT, we had a pajama party at our house. 
All of the NYEs before that are a bit of a blur, but I know they've always been spent surrounded by friends and family. 

I can't remember how I rang in 2010, the first year of this decade. But I'm excited to start the new one, even if it's on the couch in my jams. Maybe it's the fact that I'm in my late 20s, but starting a whole new decade seems to carry a lot more weight than it did in 2010.

Praying for a prosperous and blessing-filled decade, for myself, and for each and every one of you! Can't wait to see where we're all at this time in 2029!


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