Hello, friends! I have another round up of my favorite things, and the best news is that they're all under $50! 

With all of the winter holidays over, I have spring on my mind, and lots of the items in today's post would be perfect for the coming season. Keep scrolling to check them all out!

1. Cheer
Starting watching this show after I heard Ellen raving about it, and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. Since binge watching this six episode docs-series, I've started following the cast on Instagram, learned all the gym lingo, and I've been practicing my herkie to show Monica (the head coach) one day. 

I still have my OG Naked pallet from probably five years ago, but unfortunately the color "Naked" was one of the first ones to go because I used it so much. Luckily, Urban Decay offers singles of all of their eyeshadows. At $20 a pop, the singles are a little pricey, but this matte nude shade is the perfect everyday color. 

The perfect jeans for spring. Love the fit, the color, the length, and the distressing.

Bought these last year and wore them all summer long! They go with everything and are the perfect amount of glitz. So happy they've been restocked this year!

Been wearing this fragrance since smelling it on a classmate in college (and immediately purchasing it after she told me the name). I recently had someone tell me how good I smelled and ask me what I was wearing, and it reminded me of how much I love this scent! It's feminine and flirty without being overpowering. 

An olive green utility jacket it a must for spring in my book! I love layering it over more feminine styles like white lace or florals to really balance out a spring look. 

For some reason, I love listening to country music the most in the spring and summer. This new album is the perfect blend of fun and melancholy and is a great way to ring in the spring season. 

Somebody brought one of these to the break room at work recently, and now the entire OR staff has purchased one! 😂

Significantly cheaper than some of the designer brands out there and just as cute! 

A perfect spring accessory that's under $10. 

Because once all the holidays are over, I'm really just counting down the days till spring. 

I spray this on my damp hair before combing it out. It works wonders! Moisturizes my hair (especially after getting it highlighted) without weighing it down. 

I just love white lace in the springtime. This sweet little dress is only $30 and would be perfect for Easter or any bridal/baby showers you may have coming up. 

After finally getting fed up with the janky wine bottle opener I bought forever ago, I splurged on this bad boy. It's seriously legit. And so much fun to use!

I've touched on how much I love this podcast before, but it really is so funny. I almost look forward to it more than actually watching The Bachelor. Friendly tip though: probably not appropriate to listen to with kids in the car. 


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