Say what you will about Valentine's Day being invented by the candy companies, but I LOVE IT! I've always been a sucker for cutesy gifts and romantic gestures, so Valentine's Day is right up my alley.
And even more so than Valentine's Day, I love GALENTINE'S DAY! 


If you're not familiar, Galentine's Day is a holiday made up by Leslie Knope (not a real person) on Parks and Rec (TV show that you must watch). It's usually celebrated on February 13th and spent with all of your best gal pals. I don't know about you, but I've honestly always gotten WAY better Valentine treats from the women in my life than I have from any men - nothing surprising there. I specifically remember a year in college when I and most of my roomies were single. We got each other more gifts - cards, flowers, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory - that year than any of our coupled friends got, and I enjoyed every second of it. Until I almost threw up from eating too many chocolates...

Today, I'm partnering with The Pink Lily Boutique to share two cute and casual looks that would be perfect for a Galentine's Day date. And I'll also give you some fun ideas on ways to spend G-Day with your BFFs!

Tee / Similar CardiganSimilar Jeans / Similar Booties 

Sweater / Similar Jeans / Similar Hat / Similar Booties

13 Galentine's Day Ideas:

1. Head to brunch...preferably somewhere with bottomless Mimosas, obvi!
2. Get massages! I've been dying to go to this spa in Nashville, but Greg will never go. Where my Galentines at???
3. Mani/Pedi's
4. Grab coffee and then go shopping
5. Take a day trip somewhere new
6. Send flowers
7. Pizza and Rom Com Night
8. Get blowouts and hit up happy hour
9. Go to a workout class together and dinner afterwards
10. Get tickets to a concert
11. Visit a winery
12. Catch the latest chick flick at the movies (and share a vat of popcorn)

fun galentine gift ideas

Do you and your girlfriends do anything special for Valentine's Day? Maybe this could be the year to start! It doesn't have to be anything extreme. Just let your besties know you're thinking about them! Hope you have a sweet little holiday, no matter how you celebrate it!


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