Ok, so the title of this post is a bit dramatic.

While Greg and I both, in fact, came down with COVID-19 a few weeks ago, our symptoms were never super serious, and we were able to self treat and recover without any trips to the hospital. I guess a more accurate title would be, "How I Survived Quarantine" as this post is centered on all of the things that kept me sane during my 10+ day stay at home. Thankfully, my symptoms were mild in the grand scheme of things (I never even broke a fever), so the house arrest was, by far, the worst part. 

As if being on lockdown wasn't bad enough, this quarantine also fell during my 21 Day fast from social media. When mindlessly scrolling the socials would have been the easiest way to pass my time, I tried to avoid it. (Disclaimer: I did log on a few times for various reasons, but I tried not to linger). Ultimately, I know that having endless access to Instagram and Facebook would only have accentuated my FOMO and definitely wouldn't have made this quarantine any better, so I'm glad I stuck it out. 

I obviously hope and pray that none of y'all also contract COVID, but in case you do, (or you just find yourself stuck at home for whatever reason) here are some of the things I did to pass the time. 

1. Puzzles

My sister brought us some jigsaw puzzles as well as books of (easy) crossword puzzles and word searches. Those have been such life savers. They require some brain power, but not too much, and they were a welcome break from when we just couldn't look at a screen for another second. 

2. Read

By the grace of God, I got a library card the week before I got COVID. Greg bought me a Kindle for our anniversary back in July, and I have several books that I want to read but am not actually invested enough  to purchase them and keep them forever. I downloaded the Libby app so that I could read some library books on my Kindle.  That being said, if I hadn't gotten the library card in time (you have to go in person to get a library card which obviously wouldn't have been feasible while quarantining), I probably would have just bought the books. Reading was a great a way to pass the time. 

Y'all know I love everything written by author, Beatriz Williams. I'm already caught up on all of the novels she's written so far, so I've started on her collaboration novels that she wrote with Karen White and Lauren Willig. There are three, and they're just as good as her stand alone work! 

3. Home Project

There were a few days during quarantine when I actually felt pretty miserable and was definitely not getting off the couch. But, once my energy returned, I was itching for something to do. I've been so inspired by this photo from Pretty on Fridays, and I'm wanting to do a sponge accent wall in our guest room. Unfortunately, I thought I had enough leftover paint from another project to go ahead and tackle this. But, alas, I did not. So, this project will have to wait until I can go to a paint store! I looked into Clare paints which can be shipped to your door, but it appears as though they only come in gallons, and I really don't need that much. 

4. Piano

I took piano lessons during most of my school years, and I have a nice electric piano that my Dad let me borrow (does it still count as borrowing if I've had it for over five years???). I've gotten pretty rusty, but it's crazy how fast an hour goes by when I sit down to play. * This is especially ironic because my teacher used to have me practice 30 whole minutes a day, five days a week. At the time, that was practically torture!! 😂 Anyway, what better time than quarantine to brush up on an old skill? 

5. Record Player

For Christmas last year, Greg and I bought my Dad a little record player so that he could dust off his vast collection of old vinyls. Since then, we became interested in getting into the hobby of record collecting ourselves. After a few fails (some cheap record players are just that...CHEAP) and many YouTube rabbit trails, we finally landed on a nice, affordable record player that's perfect for beginners. We've been loving the records we've bought so far, but we're looking forward to the day that we can visit a record shop in person and search for some hidden gems. 

6. Podcasts 

The most strenuous thing I've done in the last two week is take Luna on a few walks. I love listening to Podcasts while we walk. They were also great background listening for when I was working on my puzzle (I realize that was the most Grandma statement ever, but this is where we've come, people). These are my current favorites:

  • Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan - NOT appropriate to listen to with kids around 
  • Be There in Five - This podcast has been around for 2 years now, but I'm just now getting into it. Host, Kate Kennedy, seems to like literally all the same things I like, so I've been enjoying it. 
  • Correct Opinions with Trey Kennedy - for more family friendly laughs
  • The ASMR Garden - Ok this is weird, but I went down a deep rabbit hole learning about ASMR one night during quarantine. If you don't know what it is, I encourage you to give it a Google. Whether you're into it or not, it's definitely intriguing. Anyway, I found this podcast, and it is the best thing ever to get you off to sleep. When you listen, you get so relaxed, your head gets all tingly, and before you know it, you're out like a light. 
  • Zack to the Future - Haven't actually started this one yet, but it's about Saved By The Bell so it's a no brainer for me. 

7. Early Christmas Shopping

There was honestly no point in buying a single thing for myself during this time (that's not to say that I didn't purchase a few things for myself) because I've been wearing sweats for 10 days straight. And, I really don't plan on rushing out into tons of social activities once I'm free to leave the house. God forbid I get the 'rona AGAIN!! Anyway, I started scoping out some gift ideas the other day to go ahead and get ahead of the holiday game. I love having my Christmas shopping done early. And, hey! One positive of this absolute dumpster fire of a year is that, at this rate, I could have all of my shopping done by next month! 

I went ahead and started a few gifting tabs on the blog that will help you find the perfect Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, and Gifts for Kids no matter what time of year. I'll obviously be updating them as I find new things, so by the actual holiday season, there should be tons of ideas!

What a weird, freakin' year this has been. I've never wanted time to move faster than I want it to right now. Which is so strange for me because, all my life, I feel like I've wished for more time or for time to go slower. My mother always cautioned me not to "wish my life away."

I'm doing my best to continue living by that motto. I'm striving to keep the faith, and I try to distract myself from feeling lousy by counting my blessings, which are abundant. But the fact remains...this year has just been crappy! Regardless, I have this feeling that I may reflect back on this time of quarantine, and this year in general, with a few fond memories...maybe?? hopefully?? Even though it was a challenging several days, (here, I'd like to you visualize Greg making the absolute most noise he's ever made in his life while I'm attempting to meditate in Savasana pose), I've enjoyed finding different and creative ways to occupy my time. Ways that don't include keeping up with the news, politics, or what everyone else is doing. 

Whether you have COVID or not, I'm sure you're spending more time than ever within the walls of your own home. As the colder seasons approach *sigh*, I hope this rundown of things that helped me ward off cabin fever will bless your life in some way. I'd also love to hear any of your own tips, tricks, and ideas that you've implemented during this year of social distancing. 



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