I've always enjoyed dressing up in fun Halloween costumes. When I was a kid, I would plan my costumes months in advance. Some of my most memorable Halloween costumes were Disney's Esmerelda (I think I was 5, and I was OBSESSED), an 80's Valley Girl (I was in high school and my girlfriends and I nailed the looks), and when my sister and I dressed up as Sonny and Cher (guess who was Sonny #bowlcut).

Not sure what your Halloween plans entail this year, but who says you can't dress up even if you're just partying at home. I've rounded up some simple costumes that are easy to throw together and won't cost you a lot of time or money. In fact, you may even have some of these pieces in your closet already!

Keep scrolling to check them out and maybe even see some spooky photos from Halloweens past! 😂

Wednesday Addams

Kelly Kapowski

Rachel Green

Flapper Girl 


Rocked the Flapper Girl costume last year for a Murder Mystery party

"My Pleasure" 2018

Stranger Things Season 2 Joyce & Hopper - 2017

Zack & Kelly - 2016

Hipster-ween 2015

Valley Girls 2008!

Esmerelda and Friends. Love this photo. 💗 1997??

Baby Nurse circa 1994

Hope you've enjoyed this little Halloween walk down memory lane! I love to go all out with a solid costume, but I also sort of love the challenge of making a costume out of pieces I already have. Bonus points if I can make it a couples thing and force Greg to participate!

Hope you guys have something festive and safe planned for Halloween. Send me all of your best costume ideas. 


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